Sunrise on Lake Champlain. The sky is lit with an orange light emanating from the left transforming into pink and purple. The lake reflects this light with quiet riffles, not quite glass.

Welcome to Ledge Hill Studio Downtown!
A vibrant, eclectic, gallery, gift shop with a flowing ART show.

Ledge Hill Studio Downtown is an eclectic business centered around ART. The atelier has a flowing art show of Carolyn Polly’s art and many other accomplished artists.  We feature four ART OPENINGS a year featuring regional art, eclectic art, hand craft  and functional art pottery, Adirondack craft, printed and photography cards.

     The newest art and the art process is on display at the atelier.   Carolyn Polly or one of the staff are most often making when you stop in.  LHSD functions both as a personal art studio, a classroom space, a gallery and a gift shop. 

We hope to cultivate interest, support emerging artists, and keep ART in the hearts of all those who pass through our doors.


Quite often folks walk into the shop and say “it smells so good, what is that?” Well, it’s hard to answer the question as we have a potpourri of good aromas.

Local crafters sell their organic beeswax, soy and vegetable based candles. We have the Soap Guys collection of Chaga and essential oils soaps, lotions and potions. Misfit Farms stocks goat’s milk salves and shampoo bars. Notes of Nature has her collection of  aromatherapy products sourced locally from her own gardens.

Speaking of gardens -Mary Godnick has lovely packages of her own organic seed for Calendula, Wild Flower, and Sunflower seed packs.

The Pottery is so well crafted and made by 3 excellent crafters years in the business of making – Clarke Pottery, New Moon Pottery, and Sad Radish all keep us well stocked with cups, bowls and vases.

Handcrafted jewelry is abundant. Necklaces of sterling silver and turquoise and delicate semi-precious gemstone by Willow Wind Studios,  earrings and ADK bracelets from Julie Biselle. The Westport coaster sets, mugs, cards are by Joanne Mazzotte.

The co-owner Peter Vanderhoof makes darling and rugged wooden toys. Rolling elephants, rolling rabbits, rolling turtles make his shelf with Safari Trucks, Helicopters and planes-a nice gift for the young and young at heart.



3 1/2-6 year olds 

9AM – 12 PM


7-10 year olds

12PM – 3 PM

There is an organized group project available and individualized projects. These Art Sessions are for fun! If the weather is good we go outside for sidewalk chalk

Carolyn prefers to work individually with budding artists of any age and skill level to boost their confidence with materials and the processes of making art.

At this time all the classes at LHSD are taught by Carolyn Polly Vanderhoof.  One should contact her through this website and set up individually for a single or a session of classes designed for the artist.

She is grounded in watercolor, acrylic, linocut and collage. Her background in mixed media these past 50 years has given her a well earned skill she is happy to pass on. Her classes are affordable and upbeat with artist expression at the heart of every session.

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